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Hello new studio: A dive into my portrait sessions

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It's been a while since my last blog, where I shared my photography adventures. Especially since I opened my boutique photo studio in December last year, I thought it would be great to introduce this place and share how much of a blessing it has been.

Last year, I was in search of a cozy workspace where I could do my editing and store my gear – a space to keep my home and work life separate for a clearer mind. While I didn't initially set out to find a photo studio space, after exploring collective buildings for a small atelier, I stumbled upon this charming spot de Hillevliet in the south of Rotterdam. Before I knew it, I had eagerly embraced the opportunity, turning the dream of having my own studio into reality.

Photo Studio Pasarella Peek inside my studio

After years of renting studios per assignment, this felt like a return to the roots of my artistic journey – perhaps something worth exploring further in a separate article.

Autonomous paradise

The year 2023 was a dynamic journey for my artistic growth. I figured out who I am and where I want to go as an artist. After being selected as photography talent for Fresh Eyes by GUP Magazine, I felt the need to move forward from the path that opportunity had created. Exhibitions in Amsterdam, Paris, and later Rotterdam – the latter coinciding with the opening of my studio – confirmed that my style has a place in the realm of photography.

Having a safe place where you can experiment and work whenever you feel like, is paradise for any artist. For me, this place is not only for commissioned work but also for creating personal, autonomous pieces. It's a starting point to try out new techniques and explore totally new ideas – my very own Garden of Eden.

While I wrote this article various new works are waiting to be released. This will be posted in the coming weeks via my instagram account.

Portrait sessions means: a photography experiment in a tiny setting.

But how does the title of this article match what's been discussed so far? Simply put, when I opened my studio, I began planning days for portrait sessions. I invite anybody to come over and freely create photos, allowing me to experiment and capture stunning portraits in return.

Photography should display movements

I'm particularly drawn to the surprise of movements, evident from various angles, yet I maintain directness, ensuring movement is captured as a baseline. This approach is inspired by my idol, Helmut Newton, who transformed static fashion photography into a dynamic interplay between himself and the models. Nothing is static; everything exudes life.

Portrait Diliana
Movements with Diliana

exploration of movement, emotion, and human connection. It's not just about freezing time; it's about capturing the fluidity of life itself.

The session

Picture stepping into my studio, enveloped in an atmosphere charged with creative energy. As we begin our session, I guide you through a series of poses and movements, each reflecting your unique personality and inner essence.

Together, we manipulate light and shadow, weaving a tapestry of textures and tones that breathe life into each photograph. With every click of the shutter, we uncover new angles, new expressions – each a testament to the beauty of imperfection and spontaneity.

Stepping away from from the rules of photography

But it's not solely about the technical aspects; it's about the connection forged between photographer (myself) and the model (you). As we collaborate, I strive to create a space where you feel seen, heard, and truly understood.

Portrait Gia
Session with Gia Sky

It's about embracing the surprises of the unexpected, making room for mistakes – which often yield the most intriguing shots of the session. Utilising a single light as a starting point, shooting with vintage 35mm or 50mm lenses adds an extra layer of softness. These lenses perceive light in a unique way, resulting in more natural skin tones and less sharp, detailed images.

Maintaining a perfect balance between reality and surrealism, I keep the imagination alive throughout the session, blurring the lines between truth and fantasy.

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