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Independent Photography and Film Projects by Mike Pasarella

Studio Pasarella is a photography and film production company by Mike Pasarella. He is a Dutch Fashion Photographer, Filmmaker and Director with Italian roots. He started as a Casting Director and worked on Dutch and American film production. During this period he found his passion for telling stories where reality meets fiction. In his work as a photographer, he tries to find the pure soul of the person and portray it in a raw honest matter. He dares to break boundaries and merge film and photography by experimenting with composition and techniques. Together with ADRIANA (a make-up artist and hair stylist), they work as an artistic photography duo. They found their love in fashion and portraiture and have never stopped expending their horizon. Mike and Adriana always bring their personal style, emotion and artistry in the assignments that both reflect them and the voice of the clients they work for.

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Below a selection of my personal ongoing and finished photography and film projects. Feel free to contact me to know more, order prints or collaborate.

Sophie  2021 - 2023

Sophie is a fictional hybride photography serie and screening project. The story is about a woman called 'Sophie' who struggles as an artist. She tries to reach women with her art with the goal to open their eyes and help oppressed women to get out of it

project sophie art photography

City Shapes  2018 - today

City Shapes is my personal view on the famous and less famous architectural monuments and regular city shapes that mesmerise me in their greatness, beauty and peculiar designs.

kop van zuid rotterdam

Tunisia, 60 years of oil  2011

Tunisia is a travel story, created a few months after the Arabian spring. In this independent photography report I connect with the country, its troubles and learn about the hidden gems.