Watch and vote for our first short movie for the 72hrs The Hague Film Contest 2019 - Dreams by Studio Pasarella

Portrait, Editorial & Fashion Photography | The Hague London Paris

Photographers duo Mike and Adriana Pasarella open for commissions

Portrait & Fashion Photography duo Mike and Adriana Pasarella work as internationally well know portrait and fashion photographers. The Photographer duo has a keen eye in the art of fashion and portrait photography, which can be seen in their portfolio. They work all around the world and during the international fashion week in London, Paris, Lisbon, Berlin, Amsterdam, Milan and Poland. Contact them for information about their work or commission for fashion, portrait, catwalk or travel photography. Or check their work on instagram:

Portretfotografie en modefotografie duo Mike en Adriana Pasarella werken als internationaal bekende portret- en modefotografen. Het fotograafduo heeft een scherp oog in de kunst van mode- en portretfotografie, wat te zien is in hun portfolio. Ze werken over de hele wereld en tijdens de internationale modeweek in Londen, Parijs, Lissabon, Berlijn, Amsterdam, Milaan en Polen. Neem voor meer informatie over hun werk of opdrachten voor mode, portret, catwalk of reisfotografie contact met ze op. Of bekijk hun werk op instagram:

Short Film Despierta


Short (fiction)



Pasarella Film & MADI IN LOVE


On a regular morning, Maya - a girl obsessed with conspiracy theories and who finds it hard to believe mainstream media - wakes up from a strange nightmare. Shortly she realizes it was just a dream and she starts to follow her daily morning routine.

It is already 502 days since Maya is locked up in quarantine after a global virus outbreak. She believes the world has been shut down to prevent further spread. Nobody is allowed to go out of the house and she really has a hard time dealing with that situation. Maya has not seen her friends every since. During her work-out, strange things are starting to happen. Without having ordered anything a package is delivered at her door. Wondering and intrigued she takes it inside and starts to investigate the contents. Bit by bit she tries to figure out what it is about. Until she discovers a shocking truth.

Fashion Film Irritable Softness


Fashion Film

Irritable Softness


7 November 2019
Pasarella Film
Berlin Commercial, 2020


In a long-forgotten night club at the city centre of Maastricht, women empowerment takes over the control and redefine their own world. Judgements are not allowed - only your personality counts - no matter how you look, what you wear and what you like. Dare to step into this world and find yourself in this other seemingly perfect dimension.



Lookbook Spring Summer 2019

Make-up & hair by Jiali Bao
Styling by Juan Salvado
Juliet @ Human Models