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On a regular morning, Maya - a girl obsessed with conspiracy theories and who finds it hard to believe mainstream media - wakes up from a strange nightmare. Shortly she realises it was just a dream and she starts to follow her daily morning routine.

It is already 502 days since Maya is locked up in quarantine after a global virus outbreak. She believes the world has been shut down to prevent further spread. Nobody is allowed to go out of the house and she really has a hard time dealing with that situation. Maya has not seen her friends ever since. During her work-out, strange things are starting to happen. Without having ordered anything a package is delivered at her door. Wondering and intrigued she takes it inside and starts to investigate the contents. Bit by bit she tries to figure out what it is about. Until she discovers a shocking truth.


release date:    -
duration:    14:27
language:    Spanish with English subtitles
production:    Pasarella Film & MADI IN LOVE
starring:    Emma Fuhrmann Vidal